Presentation MAZOUTSAFE®

Now that the economic crisis is hitting hard and the citizen is losing his buying-power, it appears that the storage of fuel oil for the heating-system is rather a storage of liquid gold and thus a very risky business. Therefore it isn’t any wonder that yet the number of fuel oil theft is out of number.

With MAZOUTSAFE® we are aiming to offer a solid anti-theft product for the democratic price of  € 99,00 INCL. BTW. 

The MAZOUTSAFE® is made out of sheet-steel with a thickness of 3 millimetre and weighs 2.2 kilogram.

As can be seen the MAZOUTSAFE® is locked with a “DISKUS-padlock”, which is delivered with the package. The product was conceived on a manner that any access to the shackle of the padlock is impossible (cutting of the shackle is impossible).

Research shows that theft only would be possible with the help of an industrial grinding-machine and that it would take about 20 to 25 minutes. Studies at the University of Ghent proved that a thief is prepared to spent maximal 3 minutes in his attempt to get access. If this is not possible the thief won’t start his attempt.  

If you are interested in the MAZOUTSAFE®, don’t hesitate to contact your usual fuel oil specialist.

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